What training do I need for HR

Entry requirements for Human Resources are different depending on the country, organisation, manager and strength of other applicants. I’ve worked in teams where everyone of us had at least a Bachelor’s degree, I’ve also worked in teams where I’ve been the only one with a degree in relevant areas. Much of this depends on the hiring manager, if your hiring manager has a degree then chances are they want to employ people that also have a degree (this ‘rule’ often applied regardless of your professional). If most employees in the organisation have a degree (I.e. law firms, accountancies, often information technology and telecommunications firms), then chances are they will want their HR Professionals to also have a degree.

There are some exceptions to this, while every Head of HR I’ve worked with has had a degree, many of the people in entry level roles (Payroll Clark, HR Administrator, Training Administrator) I’ve worked alongside haven’t had degrees. From my observations, and discussions with other professional there is a career level where degrees are very highly viewed, and while there are always exceptions I would strongly advocate that degrees are required for HR Professionals who wish to make a career in Human Resources.

So, what area/s should our degree be in? As HR is such a diverse discipline a wide range of degrees are relevant. For myself I have degrees in Psychology, Gender Studies and Sociology, with a post graduate qualification in Organisational Psychology. The majority of HR Professional I’ve worked alongside had degrees in law; labor relations, business and of course Human Resources, so these are good area to look into. Gaining a degree will also allow you to apply for Graduate Programs which are a fantastic way to kick start your career – they are of course highly competitive and sought after by graduates.


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