Does LinkedIn Pay?

In the approximate year I’ve been on LinkedIn I’ve been invited by recruiters to apply for Human Resource roles twice. My advice is that if you’re using LinkedIn solely to gain future employment, your efforts may best be spend on sites such as and other leading job boards.

Fortunately most of us aren’t on LinkedIn solely for employment, hence the reason I’m still an active member. The reason why I find LinkedIn valuable is the learning and sharing opportunities it provides. I’ve had rich and diverse conversations with fellow HR practitioners half a world away, supplemented my knowledge with that of more experienced global colleagues, and made fewer errors through learning from the mistakes that others have chosen to share.

Often the selling point of LinkedIn is the recruitment opportunities, which based on my experiences may leave many disappointed. Forget the recruitment aspect, just consider if it happens its a nice bonus, the real gems are in the sharing and gaining of knowledge.

PS. A final quick tip about LinkedIn, it’s a fantastic resource for having a look at the work histories and experiences of selection panel members, something as a HR person I always do prior to going to an interview – and often something I do even before I apply for that next role.

So, what has your experience of LinkedIn been like?


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