The humble blog, another thread to your résumé?

Currently I actively contribute to approximately 17 blogs on topics ranging from remuneration to employment relations, to strategic HR, and certainly I enjoy sharing my thoughts and reflections on the variety of topics I’ve worked within. There is however another reason for these blogs, it’s about gaining exposure offline. I now include a hyperlink to both my LinkedIn public page, and also to any relevant blogs that I’ve written in my one page resume. These blogs allow me to ignore the ‘rules’ of cover letters or resumes, and focus on having a conversation with the reader, more and more these blogs are becoming a critical aspect of any job applications that I do.

Essentially these blogs provide a kind of link back to myself in the real world, where I choose to establish the link through identifying my blog(s) on resumes or in direct conversation with people. It’s marketing that I can turn on or off, it’s a product that I can promote when the timing is right (for example I cite my remuneration blog when I’m applying for a remuneration role), or select to continue blogging but not make the real world connection if its not to my advantage.

Is this strategy for you? Well I don’t think it’s for everyone, it can be a lot of work when done well and it can also backfire. In the online space often people feel they have a free pass to write whatever they like – however nothing could be further from the truth. A blog that you are potentially going to use in a job application is not the place to put down current or previous employers/employees, and as a rule I don’t speak badly of organisations – I simply don’t speak of them at all. For those that are prepared to put in the effort, and enjoy sharing their knowledge – and maybe even getting a job out of it, I would recommend it (with the aforementioned areas of consideration – once it’s online it’s out in the world and you lose control of it).

As always, keen to hear your take on this, and if you have any experience that you would like to share please do by leaving a comment.


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